Company's history


In 1989, with the support of the World Health Organization’s Regional Office for Europe (Copenhagen, Denmark) the International School of Public Health was founded. Later, in 1991, the School was reorganized into the Kazakh Corporation of Health and Medical Insurance – Interteach, which began to organize and provide medical insurance. In 1995, the Corporation was licensed to carry out insurance activities (license № 0000001). That was the first license of carrying out insurance activities on the territory of Kazakhstan.

In 2001, the insurance company separated activities of insurance and healthcare due to adoption of the «Law on insurance». The Interteach Medical Assistance company was established, which undertook to carry out activities of organizing and providing medical care in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

More than 200 companies concluded medical insurance and medical services contracts with the Interteach company. The company provides medical services of all kinds using a well-developed network of medical service agencies. Interteach has medical service integrated with the public healthcare sector, without which it would be impossible to provide specialized medical assistance in the territories of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan. The network consists of 25 own medical centers, 13 branches, and more than 340 contracting clinics. The company’s staff consists of more than 1200 employees. This allows the company to control all treatment procedures, improve doctors’ qualifications, and create effective schemes for medical assistance’s provision.

Interteach is in good relationship with a number of European assistance companies: Europe Assistance Group, Сoris-Rus, Progress Garant, ROSNO, Ingosstrakh, Mondial Assistance, «Savitar Group» LLC, BUPA, Cigna, GMC Service, Aetna, Generali Group.

In 2013, the «Expert RA Kazakhstan» rating agency rated Interteach as a high reliable company.

In 2013, by a decision of the «Rating agency RFCA» JSC’s rating committee, the Interteach insurance company was assigned a long-term rating of the A+ level insurance company stability and a short-term rating of the P1 level «Stability».

The Interteach Corporation has been holding its positions in the insurance market for many years. Having put much work into the insurance market’s development, and being improved in this sphere, the company has proved to be a stable, reliable and conscientious partner.