Question – answer

Standard questions-answers existing in a daily work with clients by phone/e-mail:

Please tell me the number of my insurance card

For this purpose it is necessary to tell full name (for verification of data on base)

What is covered on insurance?

The volume of covering is reflected in the Contract of medical insurance.

How to call the ambulance of Interteaсh?

For this purpose it is necessary to address to dispatching service of Interteach, telephone number in Almaty City is 3200-200.

Is it necessary to take the appointment card from the family doctor on consultation to the specialized doctor?

No, you can arrange appointment directly to the specialized doctor of Interteach.

How does your laboratory work?

The laboratory works daily from 08.00 a.m. till 10.30 a.m.

What is limit on stomatology and medicines?

The limit is traced on base, for this purpose it is necessary to tell full name and number of a card.

How can I get medicines on insurance?

Medicines are covered according to prescription of Interteach.

In what stomatology can I apply for?

Stomatology services can be received in clinic Interteach or in a network of contract clinics.

Where is it possible to write out the policy of FI?

The policy of FI can be written out at offices of Interteach Company.